Please enjoy the slideshows of some of my longarm work. Click the left and right arrows to view.


Wow - what an eye-catcher. I was privileged to quilt this meticulously-pieced masterpiece that makes your eyes see movement and three-dimensional perspective. With pieces as small as 1/2 inch I am so happy I was not the one that completed the top.

May 2019 - May has been a really busy month starting with a fantastic three-day deep-immersion quilting class with Jamie Wallen at Quilter’s Apothecary - I came back worn out but with greatly improved knowledge and skills. In addition to longarming a half-dozen Quilts of Valor I was privileged to quilt some tops crafted by really talented quilters including a beautiful king quilt, frivolous dachshund wall hanging, a Dresden Plate Quilt, and a Bordered Squares Quilt - to which I added surprises including dragonflies and butterflies. The closeups and pics of the back really show how free-motion quilting can make a beautiful piece even more stunning. Please browse and enjoy, and if you have any comments please ping me here.

The slide show below is of a Shower Curtain Quilt I quilted as a graduation gift for a high school graduate that I taught in Kindergarten oh-so-many years ago. She is a musician - so what better theme than music symbols like the Treble Clef, Bass Clef, and Eighth Note. Guess where this idea came from? Jamie Wallen! He taught us that cloth shower curtains are very inexpensive, great to practice on, and make great beach blankets as they resist water and the sand will easily shake off of them.

April 2019 - just finished this extremely well-pieced, large, and gorgeous quilt for a new customer. Enjoy the lines mixed with curves, feathers, and my favorite - the back.

After you enjoy - lots more to look at below including some of the many Quilts of Valor I have quilted to honor our United States veterans from WWII to present - if they served for me the least I can do is quilt for them.


The slideshow below shows some Quilts of Valor Quilts and the detailed work from the back of a customer quilt.