Longarm Services

Free-Motion Quilting on the Amara

Free-Motion Quilting on the Amara

2019 Christmas Cutoff!!

For quilts to be delivered before Christmas they must be received no later than October 11th, 2019.


I “LOVE” to Quilt, and would be delighted to assist you in completing your Quilting project of love!

I operate a 20 inch Handi Quilter Amara and an 18 inch Handi Quilter Avante’ which was recently equipped with a computerized Pro-Stitcher for automated quilting. Both machines are on a 12 foot frame (machine-quilting table) accommodating king size quilts.

Custom Free-Motion Quilting Price List (per square inch of quilt top, US $)

  • All over simple meander (3 patterns available - One, Two, Three): $0.02

  • One thread color, 2-3 simple designs (feathers not included): $0.025

  • One thread color, 4+ designs: $0.03

  • Two+ thread colors, 4+ designs” $0.035

  • Complex Free Motion Quilting: micro-quilting, 2+ thread colors, 4+ designs, detailed quilting around applique’: $0.04-0.05 - quoted per project

Computerized Quilting Price List (per square inch of quilt top, US $)

  • All over simple pattern single thread color: $0.015

  • All over dense pattern single thread color: $0.0175

Other Costs

  • Trimming/Binding

    • Wall Hanging: $10.00

    • Table Runner: $15.00

    • Baby Quilt: $25.00

    • Lap or twin Quilt: $35.00

    • Queen or King Quilt: $45.00

    • Squaring up backing: $50.00

  • $40.00 minimum on all quilts

  • Batting - quoted by project

Customer Supplied Materials

  • Batting - must be 8 inches longer each side than quilt top

  • Backing - must be 8 inches longer each side than quilt top - please check out the Backing Calculator for quick calculations and more information.

    • example - 100” x 100” top would need 116” x 116” batting/backing

  • Binding fabric (if binding is requested)

Quilt Top and Backing Prep

  • Both should be clean and pressed. Please put on a hanger instead of folding if you are dropping them off.

  • All seams should be flat - open seams preferred.

  • All threads should be clipped and removed. If using white fabric on top, please ensure that colored threads are not visible from the bottom

  • All basting threads and pins should be removed

  • Backing and batting should be 8 inches longer on each side of top.All edges must be even and the top and bottom of the backing should be on the selvage.This ensures that the quilt rolls evenly on my longarm. The backing must be square. In the event it is not square and my services are needed to square the top, I will call and ask if you’d like to come get it and square it or there will be an additional charge.

  • Quilt top must be flat and square with no fullness in the blocks. If blocks are not square and the same size throughout quilt, it will have puckers. If puckers are found after quilt has been loaded and partially quilted, it is up to the longarmer to determine how to proceed with the quilt.


If you need help with design ideas, I have many books with designs and will be happy to brainstorm with you.

Return Shipping Costs

  • at shipping company costs - typically UPS

To schedule an appointment, ask questions, or for more information: pam.hayes@downsouthquilting.com